Imagine your life without waste. How would you feel?

Learn the mindset and build a solid action plan to live a beautiful, waste-free life.

Specifically tailored to the needs of consumers, this practical 3 hour workshop will give you a firm introduction to making your home more sustainable and preventing waste before it's made.

You will conduct a simple Self Audit of your home before the workshop, gathering information about the products, services and consumables you currently use.

Once you arrive, we will focus on the Zero Waste Mindset and you will learn to evaluate sustainable solutions for yourself.


You will then be guided through the process of using your Audit and your new skills to identify opportunities and alternatives, and create your own tailored Waste Prevention Action Plan for your home.

You will meet other locals who are also starting their journey to zero waste, learn about alternative products available, and gain specific strategies to reduce waste, save money in the long term and begin to live a guilt-free, waste-free life.

Thursday March 21st 2019, 6pm-9pm -  £30+VAT     -  FULL

The Melting Pot, Rose St, Edinburgh, EH2 2PR

Saturday March 23rd 2019, 12pm-3pm - £30+VAT    - FULL

The Melting Pot, Rose St, Edinburgh, EH2 2PR