• Teja Hudson


Updated: Feb 10, 2019

FIRSTLY: Welcome. Thank you for being here, and for caring enough about your business and the planet to want to learn more.

I know there's a lot of information out there about sustainability and zero waste. I know much of it is confusing or contradictory or constantly changing and it's really hard (and massively time consuming) to work out what we're all supposed to do to make a real difference.

Part of the problem is that sustainability (like an ecosystem) is a very complicated issue, with a lot of moving parts that rely on each other, which makes it hard to measure the full impact of things... another part is that the marketing people of the world have realised that consumers want to make better choices and will slap a “green” label on nearly anything to boost sales.

And as a society we are only just becoming aware of the massive impact of packaging and plastic on our world (and our own bodies), so there are a lot of ”ethical” products out there that are wrapped in hideous single-use plastic and are adding to as many problems as they're claiming to fix. All this needs to change.

Zero is founded on the simple idea that if we all had access to clear information, we would make better choices for the planet. We are on a mission to make sustainable choices simpler, more straightforward, more tangible, and easier to implement. In these pages I hope you'll find a whole range of information, solutions and ideas that are easy to understand and will inspire you to take control and make less waste in your own lives and your own businesses.

Because I believe as business owners, we have a responsibility to our customers to forge the best world we are capable of. I believe our customers want that from us. And I know that saving waste also saves money, so it makes solid business sense too.

I'm really excited to go on this adventure with you!

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