• Teja Hudson

The Waste Hierarchy Pyramid

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

Happy July Everyone!

And welcome to Plastic-Free July, an initiative that gives us all an opportunity to focus on the use of plastics in our workplaces (and homes) and start to introduce small changes to prevent waste!

To kick off the month, I'd like to introduce you to the Waste Hierarchy Pyramid (below), which is the cornerstone of the Zero Waste philosophy and provides a valuable framework to work through waste problems from top to bottom. Throughout July I'm going to use the hierarchy to highlight some of the questions you can ask and choices you can make in the workplace to reduce your plastic use and improve your sustainability, giving you tools to approach particular waste streams in a variety of constructive ways. I hope you'll join me.

But please don't panic, this is inspiration not a recipe sheet! I am not suggesting you have to try to do everything at once or implement every single one of these tips immediately; every organisation is different, so just pick the things that seem possible to you, the things that might work for your workplace, and do whatever you can (and you can absolutely go for the quick wins first)!

There is no judgement here, the important thing is to start somewhere :)

I'm excited, let's do it!

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