• Teja Hudson

We Are Officially A Social Enterprise!

It's a very exciting day at Zero HQ - we have just been accepted into the membership of Social Enterprise UK!!

This is something we've been planning for a while now and a big happy milestone on our startup journey; having a badge like this clearly demonstrates our commitment to Doing Business Right and balancing Purpose AND Profit. Here is our shiny new badge:

For us, this brings us closer to one of our core values for every level of our business - Sustainability. We believe that the only sustainable business is the one that gives back, and at Zero we do that through committing 50% of our profits to support tree planting and plastic cleanup charities.

Being a social enterprise also has additional advantages, above and beyond making a big impact on the things that matter to us. It can increase customer and employee engagement, allow us to be included in a network of other social businesses, and attract opportunities from like-minded individuals, clients and partners. Those are all big advantages for a small startup!

We chose Social Enterprise UK because they are the biggest network of social enterprises in the UK and a global leader in the social enterprise landscape. They do some really great work to promote and support social enterprises, and also have a support membership option, for businesses who wish to show their appreciation and partnership without becoming a social enterprise themselves.

If you are interested in becoming or setting up a social enterprise, then we can thoroughly recommend the Good Ideas Program in Edinburgh or Glasgow; they have provided wonderful support, advice, mentorship and developmental tools to help bring Zero into realisation.

Here at Zero HQ, we like to dream of a future economy where EVERY business is sustainable and follows a model of giving back and making a tangible, positive impact on the world. Today we're thrilled and proud to be taking the world one tiny step closer to that reality!

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